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For those who appreciate the beauty of hardwood and stone but are concerned about maintenance or budget, laminate flooring can be the perfect compromise. With modern manufacturing methods, gone is the flooring of the past that looked as cheap as its price tag. Today’s laminate is shockingly realistic, capturing the colors, scale, and surface texture of the real thing. Laminate is sturdy, easy to clean, and simple to install–all within a sensible budget.
Family friendly

Family friendly

Laminate is an excellent low-maintenance material. It is very durable, withstanding day-to-day traffic from children and pets.


Flooring technology is rapidly growing, and as a result, so is quality! Often, you cannot visually tell the difference between laminate and genuine hardwood!
Easy installation

Easy installation

Minimal, if any, underlayment in needed, keeping costs down and installation seamless.

Types of laminate

We offer laminate in a variety of ways, each with their own features and benefits. Below, you can learn about different types of laminate products, and explore the various collections we offer.

Traditional laminate

Laminate is a multi-layer, synthetic product fused together using a lamination process. Made of a composite board layer, a printed layer, and finally a wear layer to protect the plank below, laminate offers durability with a realistic aesthetic.

Water resistant laminate

Water resistant laminate is a new and improved laminate that offers all the benefits of traditional types, with the addition of increased liquid resistance. As a result, it is the perfect choice for families with children and pets, able to withstand all kinds of homes.
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