Add beauty to your property with quality hardwood

You can never go wrong with hardwood for your floors. They add elegance and beauty to your property. Choose the perfect hardwood to suit your style at Superior Carpets.

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Things to keep in mind while choosing your hardwood

  • Color: From light to intensely dark, hardwood comes in a wide range of colors. Though lighter floors are chosen for contemporary settings and darker tones for a traditional style home, choosing the right hardwood is your preference!
  • Character: The grain variations that are naturally present in hardwood help determine the wood's personality. Dramatic grain provides a rustic feeling while hardwood with very little graining gives a sleek, contemporary look. Moderate grain variations are generally associated with traditional styles.
  • Construction: The two types of wood construction are solid and engineered. Solid planks are created from single wood pieces and last for years. Engineered planks are made from multiple layers of wood (with a plywood or HDF core) and are designed to resist higher levels of humidity.

Hardwood also varies in terms of finish, gloss, luster level, scraping degree and technique, wire-brushing, and more! Don't hesitate to ask our team to show you some samples!

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